Taking children abroad
Posted on Sat 26th October 2013 5.12PM Notarial

It is becoming more and more common for children to travel abroad with only one parent or sometimes with a third party. Airlines and Immigration authorities are very alert to the possibility of child abduction. It is not therefore unusual for a notary to be asked to notarise a document giving consent to travel. He has to exercise extreme caution.

A notary will never be able to certify for certain that the person in front of him has the legal right to authorise a child travelling abroad. The consent of the other parent may be needed and even if both parents are present the notary cannot know for certain that the child is not fostered or in care.

For this reason anyone wanting such a document notarised needs to produce as much information as possible, including the child's birth certificate, marriage certificates and passports or identity cards. Ideally, the child too should attend so that the notary can ensure in so far as possible that there is nothing underhad occuring.


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