Posted on Sat 27th October 2018 9.38AM Notarial

I see increasing numbers of requests to notarise TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates. Often these are for people moving to China to work.

Unfortunately, there are many organisations offering these qualification. Many are not approved or recognised by the UK government, meaning that even if I can verify the grant of the certificate the student holds the Foreign Office is often refusing to legalise them. This is part of their drive to stamp out the trade in fake certificates.

Before anyone takes one of these courses they should make detailed enquiry of the organisation to check it is recognised as an educational body and therefore authorised to make the award. Some issue certificates purporting to be to a certain "level" of qualification. However, in the UK the only bodies which can award a level qualification, e.g. "level 5", are exam boards which are approved to issue a particular qualification within the "Regulated Qualifications Framework"

The gov.uk web pages have a complete list of Regulated Bodies and Registered Qualifications and these should be checked. TEFL is big business, but only certain certificates of qualification are worth the paper they are written on!


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