Solicitors again
Posted on Wed 25th October 2017 2.51PM Notarial

There are increasing numbers of notaries dealing with clients who have gone to solicitors to have their documents "witnessed".  In some cases the solicitor has just deleted the reference in the document to a notary and signed them.

That this is not acceptable in the receiving country only comes to light after the document has been legalised, sometimes at the consulate as well as at the Foreign Office. By this time the client is several £100s out of pocket and is then faced with starting from scratch with a notary.

Often the reason for going to a solicitor seems to be cost. In the end of course the client ends up paying twice. Notaries are more expensive than having a solicitor just "stamp" a document because they have to verify identity, legal capacity and authority of the person signing as well as confirming that the person understands the document. Notaries have to keep copies of most documents and a complete record of the notarisation. This represents their public function so that if called upon they can retrieve details of the document and the client. Their records are evidential.

This is why for many countries only a notary will do.


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