Posted on Thu 17th August 2017 2.42PM Legalisation

Getting documents correctly dealt with for China is becoming even more complicated. This is particularly true of education documents like degree certificates.

The latest requirement is that the name on the certificate needs to exactly match the name on the client's passport. If it does not then the notary has to prepare a Statutory Declaration to be made by the client to explain the discrepancy. Added to this, any agent presenting documents to the Consulate for legalisation has to present a signed authority (signed by the client) along with a complete copy of the document and the client's passport

There is also some suggestion recently that police certificates which certify the record of a person's previous convictions in the UK, if any, are being rejected in China if they do not have a notarial certificate attached. This is even if the document has been directly legalised by the Foreign Office and the Consulate.

All this adds to the complexity of the process. Get it wrong and the Client will have paid a lot of money to no benefit! Unfortunately, neither clients nor often their sponsoring employer in China understand the costs involved. For example, to fully legalise two documents at the Foreign Office and Consulate would cost around 130 even if the client does it himself. If he uses an agent the cost is around 200. That is before he has paid the notary's fees to prepare certificates and verify qualifications.


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