What can notaries do?
Posted on Thu 20th July 2017 11.23AM Notarial

Most people go to a Notary because they have a document which needs authenticating for use abroad. To be fair, that sort of work is what most notaries now do most of the time.

However, there is much more that they are permitted to do by English law. There are certain things called "reserved legal activities" which can only be performed for payment by legal professionals. Buying and selling property is one, as is applying for probate and administering oaths. Most people go to a solicitor for these but in fact Notaries Public are also authorised by law to carry out these activities. Some notaries do exactly that.

If you use a notary to say buy a property then you are not getting what is second best! Most notaries are solicitors too and so are very well qualified legally. Just like solicitors, notaries who handle client's money have to have a separate client account, which is every year subject to an accountant's report, confirming that the clients' money has been properly handled. Notaries must be fully insured and have fidelity cover (cover against dishonesty) and must undergo annual professional refresher training.

So, there is much that the oldest legal profession can do for you. Most notaries also generally operate with lower overheads, which should mean cheaper fees!


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