Notary or Solicitor?
Posted on Wed 12th October 2016 10.51PM Notarial

There are more and more cases of the public choosing to get their documents for abroad "stamped" by a solicitor. This is not core work for a solicitor, who usually will have little knowledge or experience of the documentary requirements abroad. Also, notaries' certificates are regarded abroad as just different from that of other lawyers. The result of this is increasing numbers of cases where the foreign country rejects the document because it has not been authenticated by a notary. I have experience of this happening with documents for Spain, Australia and Austria, and there are many other instances.

Notaries in England are aware of this because they are increasingly being asked to put right a badly witnessed document where a solicitor has been involved! For many countries, there is a difference between a lawyer's certificate and that of a notary. A notary is seen as someone truly independent whose certificate can be trusted as a true authentication of the document.

Use a solicitor to counter sign your document going abroad and you risk rejection, delay and increased costs.


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