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Posted on Thu 4th February 2016 1.09PM Legalisation

Understanding a country's requirements for legalisation and notarisation is not easy and they can change every so often. In the UK many documents, such as original birth certificates of Decrees Absolute of divorce can be legalised by the Foreign Office directly, i.e. without a notaries certificate.


However, some countries still require a notarial certificate. If a notary certificate is attached to an original document then it is the notary's certificate which is legalised and not the original document itself.


This in itself can cause problems. For example, Russia requires the Foreign Office apostille to be attached directly to a birth certificate. That then needs translating by a certified translator via the Russian Consulate. Nothing else will do.


Before seeing a notary it is important to check exactly what the requirements are as having a document rejected can be both time consuming and costly.


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