Children to South Africa
Posted on Thu 27th August 2015 9.43AM Notarial

New rules have come into force for anyone travelling with a child into or out of South Africa


In the case of both parents travelling with the child, they must have what is called an "unabridged" birth certificate. This is a reference to a full certificate, and it must be an original, not a photocopy - photocopying anyway breaches Crown copyright.

Where only one parent is travelling then in addition there must be a sworn affidavit from the other party giving certain information, a copy of any court order or a death certificate if applicable.


When traveling with a child not your own you must in addition have copies of the parents' passports and contact details for the parents.


These documents should be dealt with by a notary. The South African Embassy publishes a standard form of affidavit which refers to it being sworn by a Commissioner of Oaths. Note that this is a South African term and is not the same thing as an English Commissioner for Oaths.


Any document going abroad should be dealt with by a notary public, whose role is recognised in South African law. At least one parent has already been caught out by these rules!


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