Scam Alert!!
Posted on Tue 24th March 2015 11.41AM Notarial

There have been several instances recently of notaries being asked to deal with documentation relating to legal cases in Spain. These are often either cases about the sale or mis-selling of timeshares or properties in Spain.  They seem to involve either Spanish or Gibraltar companies. The documents are appointing Spanish lawyers as attorneys. The material the client has usually suggests that they are about to get a large pay out from a court case and this is usually accompanied by requests for significant sums to be paid up front for legal and other fees.

This is a variation of the advanced fee fraud. Anyone approached by any company or individual claiming to be able to help them sue a property company in Spain needs to be very careful. They need to check with the relevant company registry that the company exists and they should likewise check that the lawyer they are appointing is real. Unfortunately quite a number of people have paid out 000s to see absolutely nothing in return.

If anyone is approached in this way then a notary can check through his contacts abroad that the organisation is genuine. Be very careful!


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