Posted on Mon 18th August 2014 10.46PM Notarial

There has been a noticeable increase in people getting married in Italy. A good choice as Italy is beautiful, historic and the food is marvelous!

Quite recently, the Italian authorities have made the paperwork a bit simpler. Couples will each need a certificate of no Impediment, which they obtain from their local registrar of marriages. This requires an interview and the certificate is then issued after 21 days. Each party also needs to swear a statutory declaration. The form for this is available on line from the Italian Consulate web site. The statutory declaration can be made before a notary public.

The four documents each need to be legalised at the Foreign Office. The Foreign Office charges 30 per document plus 4.50 for return by courier, a total of 124.50, to which you must add the notary's fees for dealing with the matter. Once legalised these documents need to go to Italy to be translated by an official translator before being lodged at the court for the area where you intend to marry.

As you can see, you need to allow plenty of time for all this to happen.


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