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Posted on Sun 27th April 2014 9.41AM Notarial

More people are working abroad and have to produce evidence of their qualifications. Sometimes they have to go quite far back and find their GCE and A level certificates. Many countries, wary of the number of forged degree and other certificates about, impose stringent requirements for verification. Usually, notaries are expected to have seen the original certificate and to have verified it as genuine. Verification can for higher education bodies be done on line on payment of the inevitable fee. This process usually only takes a few days. With GCE and A levels the process currently in more involved and can take up to 28 working days, which is six weeks!

If you need to go through this process then leave plenty of time. The notary will generally prepare a form of authority on his headed paper which will be emailed to the university or college concerned. It will help if you can remember your old student number and the address at which you were registered at the time you received your degree award. Other information which can come in useful is the course name and reference, The more information the quicker the process.

If your degree etc was obtained abroad then you should seriously consider verification there rather than in England and obtaining verification can be much more difficult and costly for an English Notary. There may also be a language barrier, which will not help.

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