Posted on Wed 8th January 2014 10.49AM Legalisation

Brazil is one of the few countries which requires legalisation by its consulate but not also by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In the past, the consulate have been quite quick to turn around documents from notaries. The notary has to have his or her seal and signature registered with the consulate (which I do) and payment has to be by Postal Order!

More recently however the Consulate have said that it will take them a month to turn-around documents. This is really unacceptable and of course causes real problems with commercial transactions in particular. However, I have recently notarised a number of documents for Brazil where the person receiving the documents has not been concerned about them being legalised in the UK.

The moral is clear: check with the person to whom the documents are going to see if they are happy to receive them just notarised without legalisation. It could save a considerable amount of time as well as some cost.


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