Notary Public and translation services in Norfolk
I am regulated by the Master of the Faculties through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Faculty ffice issues practising certificates to all notaries public in England and Wales and I carry professional indemnity insurance to 1m. Their web site has a list of all practising notaries.
Commercial law and Notarial Consultancy

In addition to notarial work I undertake a wide variety of business law and also offer a commercial consultancy for other notaries. In recent weeks I have carried out share purchases and sales of substantial companies, advised another local company on a purchase agreement for international supplies of goods, negotiated a complex planning agreement for a local developer and advised on the management of disciplinary proceedings involving multiple employees.

I also offer international contractual addresses for service for non resident companies and can undertake Companies House filing requirements.

I can provide advice and assistance on the following, most on a fixed fee, including special rates for start-up companies:
Commercial contracts
Powers of Attorney
Company formations including bespoke Articles
Company restructuring including new share or class issues
Shareholder agreements
Terms of business
Partnership and LLP agreements
Debentures, mortgages and charges
Sale and purchase of companies and businesses
Employment contracts and directors' service agreements
For other notaries I offer a consultancy service for complex company and business law issues, such as drafting ordinary power of attorney for companies, minutes of directors' and shareholders'meetings and advice on company status, shareholdings and solvency.